Why do you need a coach to help you?

My speciality is trail and ultra-marathons:

If you are looking to step up to ultra-marathons or looking to complete your first trail races then that’s where Journey2Ultra specialises.

Training programs as unique as you:

As we are all individuals with different goals, experience and demands on our time, your training plan will be as unique.  Written weekly, with a view on your next goal and input from your previous week’s training, ensuring it is SMART:

  • Specific to you,

  • Measurable, we will know what you achieved and can measure progress,

  • Attainable, training sessions that you can complete,

  • Relevant, training for a road marathon is different to training for a 100km mountain run,

  • Time, training is based on time, not pace and relevant to the time you have.

No two plans will be the same and no pre-written plans!

Using the TrainingPeaks platform, the complete web, mobile and desktop solution for enabling smart and effective endurance training, allowing you to see each workout, wherever you are located and whenever you want


Everyone has different motivations:

One person is looking for a calming influence in their coaching, listen to your worries, meet you on the same level and gradually work through your fears.  In most cases this requires building up your confidence through the different training phases and developing your knowledge.

Another person may need an old fashioned kick. A conversation to make you accountable for your goals. No sympathy required, just focus and strong guidance.

As a coach, I will work out the best approach and align it to you.

Each race or event is different:

Just like you, every race or event is different.  Events range from shorter local trail races, time based track (how far can you go in 24 hours), to longer  mountainous running.  Requiring different training and making the reason for an individualised approach more important, something you won't get from an off the shelf package.

We will talk on a regular basis:

As you begin and progress on your Journey2Ultra, there will be a number of questions you will have.  Making the reason for us to talk on a regular planned basis important.  Likewise if something urgent pops up and you need an answer, I am here for you.  There are no restrictions to planned times or days.