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The RAMP protocol - Warm Up 

A great way to remember the key parts of your warm-ups

Examples plus a great video from Athletics Australia.

Raise - low intensity activities

  • Easy run for 10-15 minutes

Activate - key muscle groups and work through an improved range of motion

  • Core Stability

  • Crab walk with band

  • Monster walk with band

  • Walking Lunges

Mobilise - key joints and ranges of motion used through dynamic motion

  • Leg Swings Forward

  • Leg Swings back

  • Lateral Shuffles

  • High knee raise

  • Heel to but kicks

Potentiate - improve the effectiveness of subsequent performance

Dependent on session either:

  • 5 x 30 secs efforts flat


  • 5 x 30 secs efforts hill

Gradually increasing pace within the rep and as reps progress, end of last rep being fastest

Good to go!

The video below is a great starter for a warm up prior to any high intensity activities and follows the RAMP protocol.