The RAMP protocol - Warm-Up Exercises for Every Workout

A great way to remember the key parts of your warm-up exercises, prior to starting your running workout.  Warm up properly to prevent injury.

Benefits of warming up - why do we warm up?

  1. Injury Prevention: A proper warm-up increases blood flow to muscles, making them more flexible and less prone to injury. It also prepares joints, tendons, and ligaments for the stresses of exercise, reducing the risk of strains and sprains.

  2. Improved Performance: Warming up gradually increases heart rate, breathing rate, and body temperature, which helps to optimise performance during exercise. It primes the cardiovascular system for the demands of vigorous activity and enhances muscular strength and power.

  3. Enhanced Flexibility and Range of Motion: Dynamic warm-up exercises, such as leg swings and lunges, improve flexibility and range of motion in the joints. This allows for smoother, more efficient movement patterns during exercise and reduces the risk of muscle stiffness or tightness.

  4. Mental Preparation: Warming up provides an opportunity to mentally prepare for the upcoming workout or competition. It allows athletes to focus their attention, visualise success, and establish a positive mindset, which can improve your overall performance.

  5. Activation of Neuromuscular Pathways: Warm-up activities stimulate the nervous system and enhance neuromuscular coordination, helping muscles to fire more efficiently and produce greater force. This can lead to better movement quality and coordination during exercise.

  6. Improved Oxygen Delivery: Warming up increases blood flow to working muscles, delivering oxygen and nutrients more efficiently. This improves the muscles' ability to produce energy aerobically and delays the onset of fatigue during prolonged exercise.

An easy way to remember the correct protocol is through the RAMP method. 

Raise - low intensity activities

  • Easy run for 10-15 minutes

Activate - key muscle groups and work through an improved range of motion

  • Core Stability

  • Crab walk with band

  • Monster walk with band

  • Walking Lunges

Mobilise -key joints and ranges of motion used through dynamic motion

  • Leg Swings Forward

  • Leg Swings back

  • Lateral Shuffles

  • High knee raise

  • Heel to but kicks

Potentiate - improve the effectiveness of subsequent performance

Dependent on session either:

  • 5 x 30 secs efforts flat


  • 5 x 30 secs efforts hill

Gradually increasing pace within the rep and as reps progress, end of last rep being fastest

Good to go!

The video below is a great starter for a warm up prior to any high intensity activities and follows the RAMP protocol.