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Different Types of Training Phases You Will Progress Through

As your training program progresses you will move through a number of different phases.

The different phases of training are designed to build and make you ready for the next phase, culminating in race day.

Base Phase

Your training starts here. The aim of this phase is to gradually increase the volume of running, start more intense workouts and build running skills. On completion you will be fitter, faster and stronger overall.

During this phase I will work with you to gauge the way in which you mentally approach your training and teach you methods that enable you to overcome mental challenges that might be blocking your path to success. No matter how hard or how far your training takes you, it should always be a positive experience.

Support Phase

The aim of the support phase is to build on general fitness from the base phase. Sessions start to focus on some event specific training and continue to build your endurance. For your race equipment and nutrition, you will start to test what works best for you.

Mental coping skills discovered in the Base Phase will be practiced and honed. The overall goal is to ensure you are ready to take on the Race Specific Phase training for your event.

Race Specific Phase

The aim of the race specific phase is to ensure you can deal with the unique demands of your event or race. This will be an opportunity to refine the equipment that you will need for the event and and step up the nutritional strategies established in the support phase. These will be your highest volume weeks of training, peaking at just the right time before race day.

Equipment for the event will now have been finalised as well as a nutritional strategy and specific skills that you will be using regularly, on your long runs.

Taper Phase

The aim of the tapering is to ensure you are at your peak performance for race day.

Your fitness will have peaked during the Race Specific Phase, but the aim here is to ensure you are fully rested physically and mentally and ready for the start line.

Time to kick back and relax in preparation for race day!

Race Day!

This is what it has all been about!

Standing on the start line you will know you have done all you can to prepare practically, physically and mentally for the task ahead and kick your race day goals.

Enjoy the day.