The Science

Scientific research continually changes the way we approach training and racing, what we thought we knew 20 or 30 years ago no longer holds true.  Applying this science ensures you have the best chance of reaching your goal.  See below for links to some relevant research on areas and answer to questions like:

How much should I drink to stay hydrated?

Drink to thirst, and not as much as sports drinks marketing departments will tell you!

Should I stretch before a session?

Static stretching, no.

How much should I eat during an ultra?

An area we will train for and everyone is different.

Don't worry too much, I will ensure you are working with the latest research applied to your training.

Bradley A Wall, Greig Watson, Jeremiah J Peiffer, Chris R Abbiss, Rodney Siegel,Paul B Laursen.

Current hydration guidelines are erroneous: dehydration does not impair exercise performance in the heat.

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Gayle Silveira, Mark Sayers, Gordon Waddington.

Effect of dynamic versus static stretching in the warm-up on hamstring flexibility.

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Asker E Jeukendrup.

Training the Gut for Athletes.

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