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"I like the tie in between phases, sessions, and the personalised schedule – the process feels really solid and that you can see beyond my level of comprehension for where I am going, which given what I am trying to do is really important."

"Ash is an awesome coach, everything he does is backed by science and the latest research and he'll explain as much as you want to know. The thing I find most useful about working with Ash is the fact he is always willing to answer questions or re-arrange things for me when life gets in the way of my plan! I can't believe it's taken me this long to get a coach, I'll never go back to the generic off-the shelf plans. Can't recommend Ash highly enough!!"

"Journey2Ultra, Ash is a great coach, never a boring run and always changes it up every week. Explains his coaching methods and evidence for each session which allows us to understand and improve. Highly recommended. Thanks Ash."

"I highly recommend Journey to Ultra. Ash is a great coach. He personalises his coaching to suit your needs. Whether it be to improve general fitness, working up to 5km runs or beyond to ultra marathons. He is very patient and practical. I really enjoy his evidence based advice gained from years in the field and personal research. Mind endurance is one of his key coaching strengths. I can't recommend him highly enough. Thanks for being awesome coach."

"Ash takes the time to get to know the individuals he is training, its not one size fits all. He knows how to push you to get the best out of you without destroying your confidence and spirit, you want to come back each session to feel that level of satisfaction of being nudged to improve. He accommodates all levels and adapts so everyone is included and develops into better runners and better people. The physical aspects, as much as the mental, they go hand in hand and Ash is very much aware of that."

"Ash D is an inspiring and encouraging running coach. He provides us with information and tips to help improve our running ability. I have been running with Ash weekly for over 12-months and have improved my technique and running confidence. I look forward to our Friday running session and seeing my running buddies each week."
"I just wanted to message you and say a massive thanks for everything you've done buddy! I couldn't have done it without you matey. You're an absolute legend and very knowledgeable bloke. I've learnt alot from you these last couple of days and I will carry them lessons forward when I call you up for my next challenge"

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