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Journey2Ultra - Running Coach

At Journey2Ultra I believe everyone is a runner. Sometimes you just need some help, to start your running journey!

Everyone Is a Runner, Even If You Have Not Started Yet!

As a coach, I often talk to people about their running goals training plans and running programs. The comments I hear most, are people just don't know how to get started or lack confidence.  Thinking they will never be good at running. I believe everyone is a runner, some of us just need a little help in starting the journey, to take that first step. Does the following sound familiar?

  • Are you feeling nervous and unsure how to train for that bucket list race, you and a friend signed up for?

  • Your last event went well, and you know you can do better next time.  You're not sure how to approach your training to improve?

  • Your last race did not go to plan, and you're not sure why.  Do you still want to do better next time?

  • You have big race goals and don't know where, or how to start training?

Journey2Ultra is an Online Running Coach for all abilities and I am here to answer all these questions and transform your running to the next level. With training plans for 5k to Ultras and anything in between. Road running, Trail running, and ultra-marathons.   What can you expect when you train with Journey2Ultra:

  • Onboarding

    I begin by getting to know you as a person. Then your running experience, goals, and background. This helps us tailor our coaching approach to your own training needs, lifestyle and goal setting.  I understand that your life is busy, you have family and work commitments, and I take all these into account when writing your training plan.

  • Customised Running Training Plans

    Say goodbye to generic running training programs. I build customised training plans that I tailor to you.  Updated weekly and designed to fit your training goals, running abilities, and lifestyle.  Using the Training Peaks online app, with your training all in one place and accessible anywhere.  Using the mobile app, synching and viewing your training data has never been easier.

  • Regular Communication

    Regular feedback is essential to your progress. You can reach out with questions and concerns anytime. I'll be there to provide guidance and support throughout your training week.  It's OK to not know.

    With modern technology, it's easy to stay in touch with you, as part of the online coaching process.  Head over to my testimonials page to see what the athletes I coach have said.

  • Accountability

    It's easy to lose motivation when you're solely accountable to yourself. Our training program holds you accountable and provides the necessary encouragement to keep you going. I am here to support you every step of the way.

  • Post Run Session Reviews

    As an Athletics Australia certified running coach, I use software to analyse your key training sessions' data. This allows us to provide detailed feedback. Helping you track progress and make informed adjustments to your training and keep you injury free.

  • Improve Your Running Performance

    Whether you're a regular runner or a beginner, as a running coach I will help you reach new levels of performance. I provide detailed feedback, introduce new training methods, and assist in setting realistic running goals.  Read how one of my clients improved significantly for a recent race.

About Me:

I am an accredited Level 3 Performance Development Coach in Trail and Ultra Marathons (Athletics Australia and Australian Ultra Runners Association Endorsed Coach) and have been running myself, for over 30 years.

Whilst I enjoy running the trails, I am fortunate enough to coach runners across all distances and running events, whether looking for a 5km parkrun PB, half or full marathon or a destination event, over multiple days.

Whilst the training programs will be different across all these events, my coaching philosophy is the same and built around trust and communication. You can read more about me, my running background and experience here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How many days a week do I need to train? This is entirely dependent on your lifestyle. Some people can run 6 or 7 days a week, some people can only commit to as little as 2 or 3. Your training plan is tailored to you and designed to maximise your available time.

  • Do I already need to be a runner? No, I coach athletes, who are just starting their journeys, to those looking for a performance edge and to beat their PBs.

  • Do you do I need to do face-to-face coaching? Whilst I do take local run groups based out of the Sutherland Shire in Sydney, the majority of my coaching is conducted online. With plans available on your mobile through an app, and synchronised to your sports watch. All the data is then automatically updated and visible to me for analysis.

  • How often can I communicate with you? Very simply as much as you like. To get the best out of your running, we need a relationship built on trust. This is developed through ongoing regular communication. At a minimum, we will check in once a week for feedback on the data from that week's sessions, and advice for the coming week. Before race day, we will have a check-in to talk about race tactics and approaches.

  • You mentioned testing, which sounds complicated and above what I need? Testing is very simple, a 3 and 10-minute run. With this data and some clever science, we can accurately predict certain race times and better tailor your training to your ability. Testing is also a great way to track your running progress.

  • How can I run a trail race without access to trails?  The majority of us live in the suburbs with no or limited access to trails.  This does not preclude us from trail events.  Odd weekends on the trails, those short local park trails all can help in training.  Additionally, the majority of trails in Australia are less technical and more groomed and runnable than other parts of the world.

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